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With over 90% of real estate buyers now turning to the internet to find a home or property, having high quality professional real estate photos both online and in print is now more crucial than ever. High Quality Real Estate Photography truly is the foundation for a successful home marketing campaign.

The quality of the listing photos are a direct reflection on the real estate agent and their professionalism.
The first photo often determines whether a potential buyer will even click to take a closer look at the property, and having a photo that "stands out" makes the difference, and gets them to click on it.
Having great photos throughout the home will spark their interest, and has been proven to get more viewers online, more physical visits to the home, and can definitely help sell a home faster, and for more money in many cases.
Not only that, but most sellers prefer working with an agent that is not only experienced and successful, but also does high quality marketing using professional photography. A professional real estate agent simply does not have the time to shoot, develop, edit, and work on photos for their listings, as there are too many other things that need to be done throughout the real estate transaction, especially if they are an experienced, top producer. (the kind of agent buyers and sellers want to work with). 
My services include professional developing, editing, and image optimization to make your real estate photos look their best, and is a process that usually takes a minimum of 4-5 hours to complete a typical shoot of 15 photos.  This does not include drive time each way, or the shoot time on location. 

My photoshoots include a full screen slideshow, to showcase the photos in high resolution, with background music and special effects to get the viewer's attention.

My name is Bill Johnson. I specialize in Seattle area Real Estate photography, and have been in business as a Real Estate Photographer since 2005. I cover Western Washington, primarily The Seattle area, King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties, but am open to travel to other areas. I have a business management background and I've combined that with experience working as a Real Estate Agent from 2004 - 2006, so I know what agents want and need when it comes to their real estate photography. I have combined this with over 15 years of photography experience before that, and do continuous ongoing training to bring you the best Real Estate images possible.   I am constantly studying and refining my knowledge of both photography and developing methods, so I can offer the best quality photos to my customers.  Before working in the real estate field and photography, I had over 8 years of experience in International business management working for a Seattle based Fortune 500 company, with the last 4 years working overseas.

Before you hire a real estate photographer, look at their work, find out about their experience, and what others have to say about their professionalism, reliability, and quality of work. 

Why should you invest in Real Estate Photography?  I feel that the value of my services actually pay for themselves many times over, through greater click rates, more showings, faster sales, and additional listings that often occur when others see how you are marketing properties for others, and give you a call.  

As they say, it takes money to make money.  When you invest in your business with the right preparation and marketing, the payoff is usually incalculable.  Every little thing you do to better your business is just one part of the puzzle that comes together to make your business a success.  It isn't just better photography that will make you a successful real estate agent.  Its how you interact with your sellers, to properly prepare their home to be listed, in addition to successful marketing material and strategies, on top of everything else that makes for success in real estate, such as experience and "know how".  The more you do to enhance the property's appearance, condition, maintenance and cleanliness will shine through once the photographs are taken, and make the photos look that much better.  Photography is the main building block for successful real estate marketing, but the preparation and work an agent can convince their sellers to undertake before the home is photographed and listed is one of the most overlooked portions of the real estate process that can make the difference between selling a home in a week, or having it sit on the market for months, and sometimes years.  The homes that sell the fastest are not only the homes that have great photos, but the homes that have been maintained or restored to "Turn Key" condition, or priced appropriately to get that quick sale. Great photos are useless if the home is overpriced, or needs major repairs or even cleaning.   Another important factor is staging, and decluttering.  The best agents are the ones that know exactly what needs to be done in regards to these items, and they do it each and every time.  They have formulated a system that gets the house in the best conditon possible, with the goals in mind that the seller wants to accomplish.  Some homes just require a little paint and carpet, while others need a bit more to make them appealing, and get that quick sale. 

My photography services can make a good home look great, and a great home look incredible.  Just ask my regular clients.   

Please browse my site, see examples of my work, read my customers' testimonials, and call me today to see how I can help you make your real estate marketing stand out, get more listings, and in many cases sell them much faster than you would ever imagine possible.    

Thank you for your time,

Bill Johnson, Photographer, High Quality Real Estate Photography
(206) 992 - 8424

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