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High Quality Photography Services

A Credit Card is required to reserve your session, unless paid by check at the time of shoot.

High Quality Photo Services include color correction, professional photo developing and optimization, minor imperfection editing, blue sky replacement,

color enhancements, and extras like adding fires to fireplaces, scenery in TV screens, and more.

For a comparison of Service Examples, please click here;

All Photo Services include a full screen slideshow webpage, to showcase the home with large, clear images and background music.

(Rates are for Seattle, King County and North Pierce County. Other Areas, call for a quote: (206)992-8424)

These Rates are for short term Real Estate and limited agent promotional usage only.

Rates vary depending on the type of service, location of the property, and the type of usage required, (Short Term Real Estate Usage, Long Term usage, etc.)

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Basic Photography Service Package

(Good Quality Photos, intended for short sales, or homes where you don't have the budget or need to have the best images possible)

This service takes less time to edit, and is less expensive than the High Quality Service.

Basic Photography Services are only available during daylight hours. (No twilight or sunrise shoots with the basic package)

To see side by side examples of the different service levels click here.

(Please note that some of the Basic Photography examples are a combination of High Quality and Basic Photos, where they opted for add-on enhanced photos.)

A Credit Card is required to reserve your session, unless paid by check at the time of shoot

Pole Cam Aerial Photography

For those cases where you need a higher or different perspective, especially for homes situated on hills or in isolated areas, a pole cam photo can make a huge difference in how your presentation will look.

For examples click here

Virtual Staging Services

You can have your professional photos staged to make a vacant house look fantastic.

You can have a minimum of 3 photos staged with furniture and decor to make a vacant house look like a home.

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For examples of virtual staging click here