Pay By Check

If your checking account is already on file, you can authorize a payment here

I can accept Electronic Check Payments. 

Simply make out a Check to: Bill Johnson, Take a Photo with your Phone, and message it to: 

(206) 992-8424

Or, if you would like to automatically charge your checking account for this & any future purchases, simply take a photo of a check made out to Bill Johnson, & "Auto Pay" in the to: field, sign it as normal, and leave the amount blank.  Your current balance owed will be charged, and this authorization can be withdrawn at any time. 

Once you make a check payment, future charges can also be authorized one at a time through our online form. 

Choose the option that is easiest for you. If you prefer to pay by check or Credit Card over the phone, you can also call (206) 992-8424.